A fun connection with Mary Bourassa’s problem

A few days ago Mary Bourassa asked this question Twitter:

I wrote about it here:

A neat question to share with a trig class from Mary Bourassa

Also, she collected a bunch of the responses to her original tweet here:

Last night I was reading this awesome book:

and ran across an article by John Conway and Alex Ryba on the Steiner-Lehmus theorem. One neat thing about this article is that the end of it connects with the question that Mary Bourassa asked and explains when you have ambiguous SSA cases in a triangle (and when you don’t). Without seeing Bourassa’s post I would have probably not paid that much attention to the last piece of the paper, but luckily I did see her post and this article helped me see even more value on what Bourassa was studying.

The original journal article is here:

The Steiner-Lehmus Angle Bisector Theorem

though it costs $45. I’d say the book (which contains the article!) is a better buy at $25 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s next in the book!

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