A nice math-y present for kids: Grime Dice

A while back I gout a couple of sets of non-transitive dice for the kids to play with. Our project on the set of “Grime Dice” is here:

Non-Transitive Grime Dice

About a week ago my younger son found the dice sets and has been playing some sort of game with them. For our project today I asked him to explain his game.

It looks like the second of dice (the 4 white ones) are the so called Effron’s dice. I’m not sure where I got them, but the Grime dice are easy to find on line.

Our original project shows the one bit of math fun that you can have with the Grime dice. The non-transitive property that they have is really surprising.

The game my son has been playing shows what a kid might do just messing around with the dice. It is fun to hear him talk about some of the things he’s learned – around 4:00, for example, he talks about some of the dice having “an advantage” over other ones. He also remembers the strange non-transitive property.

You never know what is going to grab a kid’s attention!


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