A neat student conjecture shared by Tracy Johnston Zager

Saw this interesting tweet from Tracy Johnston Zager today:

I decided to ask my kids what they thought about the conjecture. Each kid took the question in a direction I wasn’t expecting:

4th grader:

6th grader:

We’ve actually had quite a bit of fun talking about area and perimeter over the years. Here are a few sample projects – including projects with computers, Zometool, and manipulatives – that I think kids would find fun in investigating area and perimeter:

(1) Area Perimeter and Fence Posts

(2) What learning math sometimes looks like: the triangle inequality

(3) The rope around the Earth problem

(4) An interesting Robert Kaplinsky post shared by Tracy Johnston Zager

(5) A Zometool Koch Snowflake

(6) Using the Koch Snowflake to introduce fractals to kids

(7) Using manipulatives for a fun twist on Dan Meyer’s geometry problem

(8) Some fun with Archimedes and Pi

(9) The area inside of a parabola

(10) A fun fractal project – exploring the Gosper curve

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