Anna Weltman’s Loop-de-Loops

Saw this tweet when I got up this morning:

My older son had to leave a little early for school today, so I decided to use some of the extra time I had with my younger so to play around with the loop-de-loops.

I printed out the two sheets instruction page and student work page linked in Dan Meyer’s post and tried out the activity.

Here’s the introduction and an attempt to replicate the picture on the instruction page just to make sure we knew what we were doing. I published these videos in hd, but it still may be difficult to read the black writing against the red background – my camera skills just aren’t that great.

and here’s the attempt to draw a 6-3-5 loop-de-loop:

As I was writing this up, Dan Anderson tweeted about a Scratch version of Weltman’s activity – looks really neat!

Finally, as I mentioned in the last video, on other maybe interesting extension of this activity is combining it with some of the “fold and cut” projects we’ve been doing recently (though I have absolutely no idea how difficult this extension would be):

Fold and Cut Activity #3

So, a really fun little project this morning with the loop-de-loops. Glad I happened to see it in my twitter feed this morning 🙂