A fun physics game

Saw this tweet from John Golden yesterday:

Here’s a direct link so you can play the game yourself:

Play Potato Here

I spent the morning watching my kids play the game and even published and uploaded the videos of the project. Watching them just now, though, I’ve decided to not include them because they ultimate give away how to play the game. Since one of the super fun things about this game is actually figuring out how to play (there are no instructions), I felt it was better to not show the game play.

Anyway, a large part of the fun this morning was watching and listening to them discuss the game and (what they thought were) the rules. Definitely good math and problem solving related conversations.

A really fun game to check out with kids.



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  1. Really fun game, thanks for highlighting it.

    We are really lucky to be in such a cool time when interest is high in creating games/puzzles like this and the tools make it so easy.

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