A math problem (for adults) that seems easy but is actually pretty hard

I stumbled into this problem watching the greatest whisky review of all time – Horst Lüning’s review of Octomore 6.3. If you have time definitely watch the whole thing. Really. If you are time constrained, just start maybe around 9:20.

Anyway, at around 8:45 into the review, Horst adds a bit of water to dilute the drink from around 64% alcohol by volume to about 50%:

Here’s the question – if you had 100 ml of a 64% abv drink, how much water would you have to add so that the new mixture would be 50% abv?

Before answering the question, make sure to read about the partial molar property that comes into play when mixing water and alcohol.

I do not know the answer to the question, btw, but I did buy a bottle of the Octomore after seeing the review. Cheers anyway, though 🙂

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