The last Family Math before starting school

After 4 years of home schooling, the boys start in at the local public schools today. It certainly was a fun four years . . . .

Here’s our last, short little project from this morning before the boys head off to school.

My older son had been working on a few old AMC 10 problems. Last night we talked through problem 20 from the 2004 AMC 10a – a challenging geometry problem which had given him a lot of trouble. This morning I asked him to try solving the problem again:

Here’s a direct link to the problem:

Problem 20 from the 2004 AMC 10a

Here’s his solution from this morning:

My younger son was working on a few old AMC8 problems. Problem 7 from the 1986 exam gave him a bit of trouble today, so I asked him to work through it and see if we could figure out where he was getting stuck:



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  1. ben,

    What motivated you to go back to the public school system?

    • We aren’t returning – this is a change. We moved over the summer and asked the kids what they wanted to do for school and they wanted to try out the schools up here. So, that’s what we are doing.

  2. ben,

    I’d be interested to hear how it all turns out. Are you going to continue to tutor the kids in math at home? It seems like you’re at a point now that it would be hard to reach a useful accommodation with school system for the right level of instruction. I ask since I’m in a somewhat similar situation. I started more actively tutoring my son for the last 1.5 years using AoPS. That has exacerbated the gap between skill level and school curriculum and I haven’t quite figured out what the end game of all this is going to be.

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