A nice problem for kids from James Cleveland

Saw this problem posted on twitter by James Cleveland:

I thought it would make a nice problem for the boys to talk through. It was actually much better than I expected from the point of view of hearing kids talk about math.

So, without much comment, here are their thoughts. My 6th grader first and then my 4th grader. Probably the most difficult piece for both kids was figuring out that the two solutions they found were, in fact, the only two solutions.



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  1. Hearing your kids walk through these always shows me that I don’t have a good sense of what will be hard or not for them. They figured out the sum of the scores immediately and saw why it was important, but proving that those were the only ones was hard for them. I would not have expected that.

    • I’m constantly surprised by both cases – sometimes things I think will be quite hard end up easy and sometimes things I think will easy end up becoming the whole project.

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