A stellated 120-cell made from our Zometool set

At the end of last week John Golden sent me a link that included instructions for how to build a stellated 120-cell from a Zometool set:

here is the direct link to the instructions from David Richter at Western Michigan University:

Stellated 120-cell instructions from David A. Richter

[post publication edit] Also – because there was some confusion about the creation of this object on the Zometool page – as pointed out in the comments below, the original link on Reddit came from StarMuteVII.]

I had some reservations about trying to build this model with the boys because it looked incredibly complicated. Patrick Honner reassured me, though:

Probably the most difficult part was the 24th stet, which involves including 120 long yellow struts. Those struts do not bend very much, so they are a little more difficult to plug in – especially for the hands of a 9 and 11 year old.

So, here’s 5 two minute videos from our 3 day adventure of building this object. The kids enjoyed building the shape and had some interesting observations about the shape all the way through the project:

It was neat to see that my younger son noticed the cubes inside of the dodecahedron in this video. We did another Zome-related project about this fact about a year ago:

A 3D project for kids and adults inspired by Kip Thorne

Overall a really fun project. Lots of fun things to talk about as you build the shape – just make sure to allow a couple of days for this one to be completed!