A Thank you to Max and Annie of the Math Forum

I don’t remember what brought it to my attention, but I saw the NCTM ignite talks in a link earlier in the week:

The 2015 NCTM Ignite Talks

The talks by Max Ray and Annie Fetter of the Math Forum really grabbed me. Here are direct links to their talks.

Max’s talk:


Annie’s talk:


I happened to be trying to think through some strange similarities between struggles that k-12 kids have understanding math and the struggles that some college chemistry majors have understanding chemistry when I heard these talks. A slightly unusual thing to be thinking through, I know, but some of the ideas in these two talks helped me gather my thoughts.

The talks had a much broader (and surely more important) influence, though, which I hadn’t noticed until reviewing the project that I did with my kids yesterday afternoon. While listening to the videos from that project on trip back to Boston from NYC, I struck me how much the ideas that were fresh in my mind from Max and Annie’s talks were influencing how I was talking to my kids about math.

That project is here:

Using Evelyn Lamb’s Infinite Earring article with kids

So, thanks to Max and Annie – 3+ months after you gave them each of your talks had a big influence on me. Glad they were filmed!

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