A review of Terzetto by Gamewright

My son received Terzetto by Gamewright as a present last week. We’ve been traveling a little and didn’t get a chance to open it up until today. That delay was a shame, though, because we love this game.

Here’s a quick pic of the complete game:


Short review: Love. Love. Love. Easy to play right out of the box, some interesting strategy for kids to think through, and lots of fun math-related ideas for kids to think about. Here’s a link to Gamewright’s website – go buy Terzetto now 🙂

Terzetto on Gamewright’s website

Long review:

Here’s what it looked like after we opened the game and I had my 8 year old read through the directions. The game is easy to understand, requires virtually no set up, and you can start playing almost immediately after opening the box.


Our first game is in the video below. Right away you get to see the great pattern matching ideas for kids that are part of this game. At one point understanding a rotation is a bit of a challenge for my son, but he eventually figures it out. What a great way to get kids thinking about rotations!


I wanted to show a second game to further illustrate the game play and also to give my son a chance to think a little bit about the game’s strategy. That second game is below. We also have several more opportunities to talk about symmetry and rotations which was nice:


Finally, we talked a little bit about the math ideas that he saw in the game. I liked hearing my son’s thoughts about patterns and specifically about patterns on a grid. He also had some nice thoughts about strategy.

Since both of our games finished with marbles left over, I asked him if he thought there was a way to put all of the marbles on the board. He showed a few different ways to do it.

I wrapped up by asking him to come up with some math questions related to the game – he came up with some nice ones!


So, as I said above – I love this game. It is easy to play, gives kids lots of different things to think about, and gives you the opportunity to talk a little math if you like. Go buy Terzetto now!

2 thoughts on “A review of Terzetto by Gamewright

  1. Looks like a fun game that even my 5 year old could enjoy. By the way, I think you miscalled it in your first game at 4:20.

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