A nice game for kids tweeted by Max Ray-Riek

Saw this tweet earlier this evening:

I had about a minute to look at it before running out the door, but thought it would make for a fun 20 minute exercise with the boys tonight before they went to bed. Turned out to be really fun.

Here’s the unboxing of the game, I guess.

Right off the bat I love that the kids have to figure out how the game works (hopefully that’s part of the game and not me just missing the directions – ha!). Having to figure out what’s going on got them talking about math right away, and then they talked and solved their way through the first 5 puzzles.

Once we finished the first 5 puzzles, I asked them what they thought they were learning.


We did the next 10 puzzles with the camera off and came in on some slightly more challenging puzzles.

My younger son noticed that you could “cancel the moons” on the second problem, so that was kind of surprising connection he made 🙂

Even if the puzzles here were still on the basic side, I do like the way that each puzzle immediately got them thinking and talking about solving equations.

They both really seemed to enjoy solving the puzzles and I even had to restrict each kid to solving every other one when the camera was off to stop them from talking over each other. While we were talking at the end of this part my younger son told me that he noticed there were more challenging levels, so we decided to take a shot at the more difficult levels.


So we clicked on the “master” level and immediately got a surprise – the sum of the weights was zero!

In the next puzzle we solved for some “weights” that were negative.

I was happy that the zero weights and the negative weights didn’t bother them. It was also sort of interesting to hear the difference between what my older son thought the math in the game was – basic algebra – and what my younger son thought the math was – math about weights.


Anyway, after just playing around for 20 minutes, I’d say that this is a great math game for kids. I’m sure there’s much more to it than we stumbled on, but even just the basic puzzles we did were fun and engaging for the kids. Can’t wait for the boys to try out a few more puzzles tomorrow.

Thanks to Max for tweeting about this game!

2 thoughts on “A nice game for kids tweeted by Max Ray-Riek

  1. It says the first two videos are set to private.

    That game looks really neat. I got a continued fractions vibe from it.

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