A lucky follow up to yesterday’s Mathcounts project

Yesterday we did a fun project checking out the outrageous speed of some of the Mathcounts participants:

The Insane Speed of the Mathcounts Final

One of the questions we studied in yesterday’s project involved finding the area of a rhombus. By lucky coincidence today my younger son and I started a section in our Prealgebra book about the area of quadrilaterals. I thought it would be fun to revisit the Mathcounts problem now that we have actually studied how to find the area of a rhombus.

First we just recapped how you find the area of a rhombus.

Next up, we took another look at the problem (and the insane speed) from yesterday:

Finally, we took a second crack at solving the problem now that we’ve learned a bit more about rhombuses. Really happy with the way my son talked through the problem here.

So, a pretty lucky coincidence starting a section related to one of the problems from yesterday’s project. It was really fun to see him work through the problem, and, of course, nice to have another gasp at the speed involved in the Mathcounts final.


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