Would appreciate any help on this problem

We are in the middle of moving and I just for now don’t have access to my compute that has Mathematica. I hadn’t really worried too much about it since we really only use it for 3D printing projects, but guess what . . .

I was reading through this book in the library today:


and saw this amazing example near the beginning (probably have to scroll up to the top of the page in the link):

Interesting fractal hexagon example

So, what I’d like to do is make a simple 3d print of the fractal hexagons. Maybe 3 or 4 iterations would be enough. Maybe 5.

But, without Mathematica I’m not going to be able to do it! Pretty sure this shape isn’t going to come together as an stl file in Excel 🙂

Anyone got any ideas – this looks like a really cool project and I’d love to play around with it this weekend.


What’s do you see that is similar / different

Traveling this morning, but would have loved to have been able to ask the boys some notice / wonder and same / different questions about these two things this morning:

First Dan Anderson’s amazing geometry video / program:

Second, the famous bowling ball pendulum: