Why I love the Art of Problem Solving books – part 2

Had two really wonderful experiences talking through problems in our math books tonight. My older son is studying in Art of Problem Solving’s Introduction to Geometry book and my younger son is studying in their Prealgebra book.

The current topic for my older son is 3D geometry and the specific topic today was pyramids. An exercise that gave my son a little trouble today is an absolutely brilliant problem about pyramids. Here’s our walk through it tonight:

The current topic for my younger son is a little introductory geometry and the specific topic is circles. The problem we talked through tonight was the last example in the circle section – I love that this problem is just right at the edge of his reach right now. His ideas are really wonderful and open the door for some really fun follow up conversations tomorrow morning:

I’m sure there are other great math books for kids out there, but I love being able to crack open these books and see wonderful example after wonderful example after wonderful example. I love that the variation in problem difficulty, too. The problems always seem to keep the kids engaged and excited about math. It is so much fun to have the opportunity to go through these books with them.

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