Nicholas Kristof’s “Are you smarter than an 8th grader?” article

Saw Nicholas Kristof’s article today via a Cristina Milos tweet:

The article links to a document showing a bunch of problems from the 2011 TIMSS exam. Three of those questions are included in the article. I thought it would be interesting to have my kids talk through those questions.

My younger son isn’t home right now, so I’ll go through the questions with him later (and update the post). The first three videos below show my older son working through the three problems. [now updated]

Just to be clear, I’m doing this exercise because I find it interesting to hear how kids think through problems, not because I think that answering a few multiple choice math questions makes you smarter than, well, fill in any end to that statement that you want.

Older son question 1:

Older son question 2:

Older son question 3:

Younger son question 1:

Younger son question 2:

Younger son question 3:

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