When things don’t go so well.

I think I bit off more than I could chew this morning . . . .

We started a new section in our geometry book today and we were looking at an interesting question – prove that the side opposite the obtuse angle in an obtuse triangle is the longest side. My son did a nice job working through the problem. Even looking at the proof in two slightly different ways which was great:


But then for some reason I wanted to take a deeper dive, and oh my goodness did this deep dive not go well.

My idea was to get him to think about why some lines he drew in the prior proof were either inside or outside of the triangle. I just did a terrible job of helping him see the ideas when he was stuck and the whole discussion wasn’t that productive, unfortunately

Compounding the problem was that we had to get out the door for an appointment and we needed to stop the film. Ugh. I need to study this a little bit and figure out how to talk through the ideas here a little lot better next time.


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