A nice surprise from my older son

Busy day today for me as I was shoveling snow from 5:00 am to 7:00 am and then drove 4 hours to a meeting. Yuck.

BUT, I did get to spend time doing a little math with the kids tonight, so yay!

In my tired state I thought I’d do a video about finding the area of a regular octagon with my older son. Unfortunately I gave no thought to the solution of the problem at all and figured we’d approach it the same way we approached the area of a hexagon.

Luckily my son surprised me with a much better solution:


To show him that his solution was much better than mine, I thought it would be instructive to show him the rabbit hole I’d planned to head down:


We’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about geometric solutions to problems rather than just algebraic ones. It is a nice little surprise to have my son come up with nice little geometric solution to a problem I didn’t really think all the way through! This might accidentally lead to a nice introduction to Area = (1/2) Apothem * Perimeter tomorrow.

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