Cleaning up an oversight in our talk about Patrick Honner’s parallelogram

A couple of days ago my son and I talked through this interesting challenge problem from an old blog post of Patrick Honner. Our project / blog post here:

Patrick Honner’s Challenging Parallelogram Problem

The challenge problem is here:

In writing up our project and reviewing the videos of our talk I noticed that we missed something. Watch for about 30 seconds starting at 1:40 (ish) as we play around with the the Zometool set trying to construct a quadrilateral:


I sort of kicked myself for the oversight, but moved on. In the next couple of days, though, I saw this tweet from Cristina Milos:

and then this one from Patrick Honner:

I guess the combination of those two tweets was enough to convince me that my decision to just move on wasn’t the right one. So we took 5 minutes this morning to revisit the parallelogram problem:


I enjoyed hearing my son talk about the new, non-convex shape and am happy to have seen the Milos and Honner tweets that convinced me to revisit this piece of our project from earlier in the week.


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