Expected value and Dice

Saw this post on twitter tonight:

The exercise for the students is a neat one involving biased and unbiased dice.  If you read the Twitter thread a little further you’ll see suggestions about running Chi squared stats, too.  All great stats examples.

In 2003 and 2004 I was involved in an television game show called “Play for a Billion.”  On the show 1,000 contestants tried to guess a 6 digit number from a number that I had selected.   If anyone did successfully guess the number I had selected they would have won one billion dollars.

I did an interview for the show, but it didn’t make it on air.  A first cut of that interview is below.  I thought it might be to use for a stats example because I picked my six digit number using dice.  To determine if it would be ok to use the dice I had to run through a bunch of stats that were pretty similar to what the exercise above is asking the students to do.

This project was one of the most fun math-related projects that I’ve worked on in my career.

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