An amazing math-related coincidence: So many snowflakes!

Funny how sometimes things just fall out of the sky into your lap.  Think of the lesson you could make just by combining these two posts (one from Twitter and one from Facebook):

Last night Dan Anderson put this on Twitter:

Follow the links to see Dan’s amazing fractal demonstration as well as the code.

This morning from Barbara Bannister Falasiri on Facebook – “The Snowflake Shawl (and since I don’t know how to embed pictures and the article at the same time, here’s the picture that embedded automatically in the FB post):


The Swowflake Shawl from the Wovensouls blog

The last line of the article suggests that there’s a great math lesson in here somewhere:  “Until I am able to learn the math, the joy in beholding the art will have to suffice!”

Love it when fun coincidences like this happen!



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  1. Hello,
    I’m so grateful that the universe conspired to reach this post to math/logic experts!
    If you do find that there is some math behind it, please do share it with me at
    This blog post has received a lot of attention so it is likely that many of the textile lovers will be interested in the underlying math.
    Best wishes!
    Jaina Mishra

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