Chess vs. Golf

Rory McIlroy cause a few probably unwanted headlines earlier this week when he said that both Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson were in the “last few holes” of their careers.  Link here if you like blown-out-of-proportion golf gossip:

It made me wonder, though, how old is old when it comes to pro golf?

Then, in an “oh shiny” moment, I was looking at the latest (unofficial) world chess ratings.  It made me wonder which group is older – the current top 20 male chess players or the current top 20 male golfers?  Well, wonder no more:

Age Range    Group 1     Group 2

20 – 24              6                   2

25 – 29              4                   4

30 – 34              4                   5

35 – 39              3                  7

40+                   3                   2

Before you look to see which one is which, have a good think about it.  Current rates as of September 13, 2014 are here:

and here:

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