Continuing with the Logistic Map

The last blog post talked about a fun project that I started with my older son this week which was inspired by some Steven Strogatz lecture videos.  See here:

We’ve continued studying the Logistic map this week and it has turned out to be as fun as I’d hoped.  Today we moved from the whiteboard to the computer to study the map more carefully.    Part of the fun hiding in this project for kids with a little bit of algebra background is the ability to talk about some basic transformations you need to build a simple graph on the screen.

We built our program on Khan Academy’s programming site since that’s the easiest way that I know how to share code.  Here’s a short talk about the program we made:

and here’s the link to the actual program itself.  We’ll play with this a little more next week (and hopefully improve the code a little).  A little spaghetti code notwithstanding, this was a really fun morning:

I think that playing around with the Logistic Map is a really fun math project for kids!