Women’s ultimate highlights

This isn’t about math with my kids, but I didn’t really have any other easy source for sharing these links.

Several people sent me the request for women’s highlights from this blog:


I’m not sure if these will all meet the definition of high film quality (especially if Luke Johnson sends any clips in . . . ), but I like all of them and think they would be great additions to any “best of” film.  The clips are mostly from Riot 2012 and 2013 and Brute Squad 2009 and 2010.   All but one of these clips were shot by me, and I have no issue sharing them.  I do not know how to get permission from all of the players in all of these clips – particularly when there are full teams in several of the clips, but I’ll list the players making the plays and hopefully people can spread the word.

One of the best plays I’ve ever captured on film:  Katy Craley (“Butters”) of Riot gets a great block playing deep in the zone against Fury, but Fury’s Claire Desmond finds the disc anyway.  This clip is from the Pro Flight Finale in Davis in 2013:

and don’t miss the Lego recreation requested by Riot’s Drew Johnson:

Here’s an amazing grab by Riot’s Sarah “Surge” Griffith in the finals of the 2012 US Open in Boulder against Scandal:

and a super grab by Gwen Ambler on a pass from Shira Stern in the 2013 US Open against Scandal:

and a sensational catch by Rohre Titcomb at the 2012 Labor Day tournament (not sure who we were playing here, Traffic, maybe):

Here’s a super sweet grab by UW National champion player Jillian Goodreau who was trying out for Riot at the time  (spoiler – she made the team) playing against Team Canada at 2012 Flower Bowl:

Here’s a strange play involving Dominique Fontenette eventually throwing a hammer goal to Rachel Bradshaw at the 2013 Pro Flight Finale in Davis:

From 2012 Solstice in Eugene, here’s a nice clip of Fury’s Nancy Sun throwing a goal to Georgia Bosscher:

This is Riot’s goal to win 2012 Regionals against Traffic, showing Calise Cardenas’s love of scoring while running backwards:

From 2013 ECC, here’s a beautiful throw from Nora Carr way, way, waaaaay out to space:

Here’s Brute Squad’s winning goal to advance to the Semis of the 2010 World Championships Maureen McCamley

Some highlights leading up to Brute Squad’s win in the 2009 national semis against Capitals in Sarasota.  The catch by Kathy Dobson around 24s in (which is not captured too well on camera, sadly) is one of the best catches I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  Watch it frame by frame to see her go from a step behind to a step in front in about half a second.  Also, the throw from Vivian Zayas to Hana Kawai to win the game is pretty good! (oh, and this footage isn’t mine, it belongs to Peri Kurshan who was the Brute Squad captain at the time)

Finally, an super amazing block and goal by Brute Squad’s Christie Kim against Zeitgeist at 2010 Worlds.


Hope this is a good start.




2 thoughts on “Women’s ultimate highlights

  1. So many great plays captured on film! Thanks for putting these all in one place and sharing, Tross. You certainly have my permission to use any that I’m in for the women’s highlight video that Jen Pashley is putting together.

  2. Hey Mike! Thanks so much for posting this. These clips are awesome and I can’t wait to see how the highlight reel turns out! Let me know if you have any questions.

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