Pi Day

I have to head in to work early tomorrow so I was looking for a little fun math  to do tonight with the boys.  Numberphile came to the rescue when they posted some of their  \pi related videos on Twitter.  Their Buffon Needle video caught my eye:

As usual, a really nice job by Numberphile.

This problem is one of my favorites from high school calculus and I thought it would be fun to try to do the experiment with the boys. We watched the first couple of minutes to get the hang of what we were supposed to do and then went off to throw some straws as construction paper.

There are, I’m sure, 100’s of fun little math related activities that people will do tomorrow for \pi day.  This seems like an especially fun one to do with kids since it just involves counting.  The appearance of \pi in this  problem shows one neat connection between counting and geometry and also shows that \pi isn’t just about pies 🙂