Two wonderful posts about math on twitter today

Cathy O’Neil and Numberphile have two really great posts about math today.

O’Neil first:

Don’t know if WordPress will preserve the link from Twitter or not, so just in case here a direct link to the post:

Billionaire money in mathematics

One point that really struck me is this paragraph:

“My suggestion is that we should think about representing ourselves in this PR campaign, if we have one to wage, and we should focus efforts on things that would improve NSF funding instead of getting us addicted to private funding. And it should be a community conversation where everyone participates who cares enough.”

Next is a great video interview of Ed Frenkel by Numberphile on the subject of why people hate math:

This fantastic interview is here:

This whole video resonates with me – I wish we could put the whole world on pause for 10 minutes for everyone to watch it!

Maybe I’m must looking more carefully these days, but I’m happy to see a growing number of great public advocates for math.  Cathy O’Neil, Ed Frenkel, and Numberphile are among my favorites.